Short Wave Craft Magazine, January 1936


"Merry DX-mas!"

The January, 1936 issue of Short Wave Craft magazine has a cover with a Christmas theme. With the aid of an extra-sturdy stocking, it looks like one young radio lover's wish will come true. Weighing down the sock is a fancy new shortwave receiver and antenna kit.

Santa looks a bit stern to me, but maybe he just takes his work seriously. Or perhaps he is the young man's father in the disguise. Note that he is leaving by the door, not flying back up a chimney.

The back cover of this issue contains an ad for a radio that I happen to own, a 1936 Midwest DD-18. Midwest sold their bargain-priced radios exclusively through mail order, so their ads pop up frequently during these years.

Notice the testimonial from film star Ginger Rogers. If a Midwest is good enough for her, it's good enough for me!

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