Belmont Model 6D-111 Bakelite Radio (1946) (second)


This is the nicer one of my two Belmont 6D-111 radios. See my other Belmont page for the tube lineup and some other comments on this model.

The paint color on these two radios is noticeably different. Here's a side-by-side snapshot that shows the difference. The radio shown on this page is noticeably yellower than the other, even though they're identical models. Perhaps the manufacturer changed the paint in different production runs, or one of them was exposed to some environmental factor that changed the color. Neither has been repainted, as you can tell by looking at the nicks and examining the bottoms, where the paper labels are still intact and the bottom color still matches the rest of the cabinet exactly.

This unit is in very good original condition. The paint had a few very small nicks here and there, which I touched up by hand. The worst defect is a little hole broken out of the center of the knob. I have no idea how that might have happened; possibly somebody pounded on the end of the knob, causing the end of the shaft to break a little piece out. Subsequent to taking these photos, I used a Plast-T-Pair kit to make an invisible repair of the knob.

In both of these radios, the tiny Belmont decal right above the power/volume knob is worn. You can get replacement decals from Radio Daze.

Although this radio plays well, I'll restore the electronics before using it regularly. Its twin is in rougher shape, so maybe I'll warm up by restoring that one first, and then do an extra-nice job on this set.

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