Channel Master Model 6511 Transistor Radio (1960)

With its two-tone aqua and white cabinet and "Jetson's" styling, this Channel Master 6511 radio is a great example of 1960s design.

The dial legend says All Transistor Home Super. I assume that the Super refers to superheterodyne, the standard electronic design for virtually all consumer radios of the time.

I found this item at a senior citizens' thrift store in rural Washington. The price was a couple of dollars. The store had a huge amount of stuff, about a third of it (including this radio) piled outdoors in their parking lot! I have no idea how long the radio sat outdoors, but exposure to rain and sun didn't seem to do it much harm.

When I got it home, an application of Novus Plastic Polish #2 quickly restored the shine on the plastic cabinet.

My Mom's kitchen radio was a Model 6510, very similar in size and shape, but with a different cabinet style.

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