Crosley Model 628-B Bakelite Radio (1937)


This wonderful 1930s radio belongs to my Dad. He picked it up for a shamefully low price at a garage sale. Some day, maybe I'll learn to bargain as well as he does!

The cabinet has a distinctive shouldered profile, standing almost as tall as it is wide. The grille louvers are pitched slightly forward, forming a gentle prow in the center. Below the slide-rule dial is a row of five station pushbuttons.

This radio has nary a scratch, and its pushbuttons still bear the original call letters for Minnesota stations, some of which I listened to while growing up. In addition to AM, it receives shortwave broadcasts from approximately 2.0-7.0 Mhz. When I checked out this set, it worked great.

From the back view, you can see that the radio has five tubes. One of them plugs into the top of the power transformer, a common arrangement in some 1930s sets.

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