Emerson Model 511 "Moderne" Bakelite Radio (1946)

I believe this case is bakelite, but Emerson produced at least one similar model in wood. This design went through a few model numbers and color variations. Page 68 of the book Radios Redux shows three other color combinations, including a showy green-swirled case with black grill.

The dial cover floats over the gold metallic grill, which covers much of the front. The dial cover is anchored at its top by a block of translucent ivory plastic, whose back has a recess for the pilot light. When you turn on the radio, the illuminated block sheds a soft light over the dial, a beautiful effect in a darkened room.

This was the first radio that I restored electronically as well as cosmetically, so it's probably stuck with a permanent place of honor in my collection.

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