Farnsworth Model ET-064 Bakelite Radio (1946)

Classic, understated lines give this bakelite radio an elegant appearance. The gold insert over the grille suggests a lyre or perhaps a music holder. You can see a similar design in the grille of my wooden Stromberg-Carlson 1101-H radio.

This is a six-tube radio, using two 6SS7 tubes for the RF and IF amplifiers, respectively, 12SQ7 for AVC and first audio stage, 12SA7 for the converter, 35S5GT for the rectifier, and 50L6GT for output.

Outside, this radio is in like-new condition, without a scratch or blemish anywhere. After I replaced the filter capacitors, it played well, too.

Some time after finding this set, I ran across an identical ET-064, which I picked up for an acquaintance who is a descendant of Philo T. Farnsworth. Before packing up the new one, I couldn't resist taking a side-by-side snapshot of the two twins. It's a good thing they have different grille cloths, or I might have mixed them up and accidentally shipped the wrong one!

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