GE Model C-415A Plastic Clock Radio (1957)



Love that asymmetry! This GE C-415-A clock radio has a classic 1950s profile and you may have seen photos of this model before.

The dramatic face contains both the clock, with gold numbers against a black background, and the slide-rule type tuning dial, with maroon numbers against white. When the radio is turned on, a pilot lamp follows the tuning pointer back and forth as you select a station.

On the back of the radio is a Phono input for an external phonograph and a switched outlet where you could plug in a coffee pot or table lamp, to come on when the radio plays. Inside, you'll find a typical "All American Five" chassis using tubes of type 12AV6, 12AU6, 12BA6, 50C5, and 35W4.

The clock and the radio are still functional. Since I bought it as a display item, I haven't replaced its capacitors, but you would want to do that if you planned to play it regularly.

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