GE Model P-808E Transistor Radio (1962)

My Dad owned one exactly like this when I was growing up. This model came in black and green, as well as white.

GE must have sold a zillion of these guys. I've seen several here and there, but always passed them up because they were the wrong color or too beat up. When I finally found a white one in nice shape, with a decent case, I broke down and paid fifteen whole dollars for it.

Unlike other vanished items from my youth, I can't blame my parents for discarding the original that I remember so well. Having appropriated my dad's radio as a teenager, I'm pretty sure I sold it to the local junk store for a couple of bucks. Who knows, this might even be the very same radio, having passed through who knows how many hands during the last thirty years, and finally returned to me, its almost-rightful owner.

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