McIntosh Model MR71 FM Tuner (1965)


Elegant, understated, powerful, and costly, McIntosh equipment is to audio what Mercedes-Benz is to cars. This model MR71 was manufactured in 1965 and it still ranks among the highest-rated FM tuners.

Here is the description from the 1965 Lafayette Radio Electronics catalog:


All-Electronic Automatic Stereo-Mono Switching. FM Multipath Reception Indicator. Magnificently engineered by McIntosh to bring you outstanding of FM monophonic and FM multiplex stereophonic broadcasts. Features new improved tuner circuits: A new computer designed filter reduces noise from stations broadcasting subcarrier music sources; automatic all-electronic stereo-mono switching that is clickless; stereo light activated by 19KC carrier only. Two D'Arsonval signal strength and tuning meters of high sensitivity which do not need zero adjustment; multipath indicator to eliminate multipath distortion; double tuned input circuits before Nuvistor R.F. amplifier; 5 I.F. stages. Also has "Panloc" system for ease of custom installation. Sensitivity: better than 2.5 microvolts, response: +/- 0.5 db 20 cps 20KC. Capture ratio: 1.5 db; Hum: better than 70 db below 100% modulation: Separation: better than 30 db; Distortion: less than 0.5% at 100% modulation. Anodized gold and black panel. 16W x 5 7/16H x 13" D. For 105-125 volts 50/60 cycles AC. Shipping weight 37 lbs. $19 monthly, Net $399.00. Wood Cabinet for MR71, oiled walnut. Shipping weight 11 lbs. Net $25.00.

You won't read a long restoration article about this tuner. No restoration was needed! It was professionally serviced just before I got it, and it works beautifully.

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