Radio Orphan Annie Good Luck Medal (1934)


The Radio Orphan Annie show was broadcast on NBC from 1931 to 1942 and it issued a huge number of premiums of all types, including this brass Good Luck medal.

Slightly larger than a quarter, this 1934 medal identifies you as a member of Radio Orphan Annie's Secret Society, with a reminder to consume her sponsor's product, Ovaltine, three times every day.

Ovaltine sponsored the show until 1941, when they moved over to the Captain Midnight show. The final two years of Radio Orphan Annie were sponsored by Quaker Puffed Wheat and Rice Sparkies.

Good luck is Annie's theme, here. Her medal includes four-leaf clovers and she's enclosed in a lucky wishbone.

The reverse side repeats the slogan Make a wish. Good luck and shows us how to say Good luck in several languages.

Unlike my Captain Midnight medal, this one is not a decoder. Annie was no stranger to decoders, however. You can read about two Orphan Annie decoder pins the Radio Recall website.

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