Radio/TV Discussion Groups

Discussion groups, sometimes called forums, are one of the most valuable of all information sources for radio collectors and restorers.

A discussion forum is an electronic "bulletin board" where people with a common interest exchange information and discuss issues. Two of my favorite US groups are:

Each group has various sections for special interests, as you'll see from browsing their home pages. You can read discussions without signing up, but forums usually require you to sign up as a member (it's free) before you post your first message.

In addition to topic sections, each group has a Classified ad section where members can post advertisements to find needed items or sell unwanted ones. Read each group's rules before posting an ad; it is generally not permitted to use the forum's Classified section to publicize your eBay auction or craigslist ad.

For those interested in UK radios, here is a similar forum based in England:

Finally, here is a forum where you can discuss vintage hi-fi and audio topics:

There are many other Internet forums, but those are some that I consult often. If you find another interesting radio/TV forum, send me an email.

When you join a new forum, look for a section called "Forum Rules" or "New Members" or the like, to get an idea what topics are considered relevant in that forum. Naturally, a vintage radio forum will encourage radio discussions, and discourage non-radio discussions of politics, religion, or whatever. Just as in everyday life, you'll get the most out of these discussions if you maintain a positive, helpful attitude and avoid negative personal remarks.

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