Antique Radio/TV Websites

Here's a sampler of the terabytes of information now available to radio and TV lovers across the planet. When I launched this site in 1995, there was only one other antique radio website in the world. Now, there are almost too many to keep track of. If you know about a choice radio or TV website that should be added to this list, send me an email.

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History & Museums

Early Television Foundation
Ohio museum and extensive information about early TV

Hammond Museum of Radio
Radio museum in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

History of the Car Radio
Auto radio history from 1922 onward

Museum of Radio and Technology
Located in Huntington, West Virginia

MZTV Museum of Television
Located in Toronto. Don't miss the 3D interactive gallery!

National Capitol Radio & Television Museum
Located near Baltimore, Maryland

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
Radio/TV museum located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Regency TR-1 History
All about the world's first transistor radio

Southern Appalachian Radio Museum
Located near Asheville, North Carolina

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention
Radio & electricity museum in Bellingham, WA

Television History, the First 75 Years
Extensive reference to TV models and manufacturers

Western Historic Radio Museum
Located in Virginia City, Nevada


Here is a short list of international and Internet-based associations. There are many local collector clubs in the US and Canada. For a comprehensive list of those, see the ARC club list.

405 Alive Antique British Television
All about 405-line British TVs

Asian radios
Discussion with examples of little-seen sets from Asia

British Vintage Wireless Society
British collector club

Collins Radio Association
All about Collins amateur radios

Norwegian Historical Radio Society
Extensive resources, including schematics for European radios

French association with magazine and collector guide

Radiomuseum in Gothenburg (Sweden)
Swedish radio museum, informative articles, more


Atwater Kent Radios
Atwater Kent gallery, advertising, schematics

Boatanchor Pix
Vintage shortwave and ham radios, plus related links

Cape Old Radio
Collection, some technical info

Chuck Azzalina Collection (myvintagetv)
Outstanding TV collection, some radios & phonos

Classic Radio Gallery
Large radio gallery, some radios for sale

Crosley Radio Page
All about Crosley radios

Czechoslovakia radiomuseum
Radios and TVs from Czechoslovakia

Eric's Vintage Televisions
Gallery of 1940s/1950s televisions

FM-only Radio Gallery
Gallery and info about FM-only radios

George's Antique Radios
Gallery, including some interesting French sets

Gerard's Radio Corner
European radios; the original WWW radio gallery

Halligan's Hallicrafters International
Lots of info about Hallicrafters radios

The Hammarlund Historian
Hammarlund radio info

Heathkit Virtual Museum
Heathkit radios and other electronics

Jan Thogersen's Bang & Olufsen Collection
B & O radios 1929-1965

Jeremy's Antique Radios
Radio and test equipment collection

Johan's Old Radios
Swedish radios, TVs, audio, more. Wonderful!

John Jenkins Sparkmuseum
World-class collection of wireless and early electrical gear

John Pelham's
Gorgeous collection of radios of all types

Kevin's Vintage TV Collection
Choice collection of prewar and 1940s TVs

M31 Galaxy of Transistor Radios
Gallery of transistors & other shirtpocket sets

Excellent gallery with emphasis on Zenith

Padgett's TransOceanic Page
Much info about Zenith TransOceanics

Perneky Sándor Collection
Hungarian and European radios (Hungarian language)

Radiolaguy's Showcase
Collection of Sonny Clutter and items for sale

Extensive reference to radio models, schematics

Radio Muzeum, Hungary
Hungarian gallery (Hungarian language)

Radios Antigos
Brazilian gallery (Portugese language)

Red Star Russian Old Radios
Gallery of Soviet radios and gramophones

Sarah's Transistor Radios
Large transistor gallery and articles (archived at

H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive
Authoritative info about H.H. Scott audio products

Scott's Crystal Radios
Crystal radios and headphones

Many case studies by a master of radio restoration

Stone Vintage Radio
Gallery, a few articles

Supreme Instruments
All about Supreme test equipment

Technisch Museum
Some vintage radios, TVs and computers (Dutch language)

Thijs Bouma Radios
Impressive European radios (Dutch language)

TSF Radio
Large gallery, repair info (French language)

J.C. Verdier Radio Museum
Gallery of amazing French radios and related items

J.L. Villabona Radios a valvulas
Spanish and European radio gallery

Vintage Radio and TV
World-class TV collection, plus phonos, test gear, docs, and more

Vintage Radio Components UK
Kits, transmitters, tech tips, and more

Vintage Radio World UK
Books, schematics, building projects, more

Western Auto Radioland
Western Air Patrol and Truetone radios, related items


Antique Radio Classified
My favorite radio magazine is online!

Collectors Weekly
Online magazine with many collecting categories, including radios

Old-Time Radio

Old Time Radio Catalog
Buy and download old-time radio programs

Dad's Old-Time Radio
Thousands of old-time radio programs for sale

Old Time Radio WWW Page
Very extensive old-time radio site

Radio Days
Sounds and history of old-time radio broadcasts

Radio Spirits
Leading seller of old-time radio recordings. Also many online sound bites.

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