RCA Model 66-X-11 Bakelite Radio (1947)

I picked up this stately bakelite set in Wisconsin during a summer vacation in the 1990s. I like its "big-shouldered" silhouette. The cabinet is wider at the top, with a slight recess to set off the lower part.

The slide-rule type dial slants back for better visibility from above. The dial indicator is a bit unusual. Instead of a plain pointer, it is an open red rectangle with a gold arrow at the bottom. The arrow points to the exact frequency markers at the bottom of the dial, while the rectangle encloses the numbers near the center. In this photo, you can see the red rectangle enclosing the number 80.

Inside, you'll find six tubes: 35Z5GT, 12J5GT, 12SG7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, and 35L6GT. This set needs needs a new filter capacitor, but it'll have to wait a while. There are many other such patients lined up in my workshop.

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