Radio News Magazine Dec. 1925

This humorous holiday cover features a construction project by the publisher, Hugo Gernsback, dubbed The Loud-Speaking Christmas Tree. Not surprisingly, the loud-speaking tree consists of a remote speaker in a wooden box. Pretty tame stuff by today's standards, but if you consider how novel radio itself was in those days, this setup might have created quite a sensation at a holiday gathering.

This issue includes the following articles:

  • Edison and Radio, by Hugo Gernsback
  • New Television Apparatus
  • Electrifying Your Phonograph
  • The Loud-Speaking Christmas Tree (construction)
  • Advancement in Radio, Illustrated
  • The Place of Radio in Home Decoration
  • Speaking Over the Radio
  • Radio For All Ages (pictorial)
  • A Christmas Gift of Happiness; Radio Will Make Life Brighter for the Sick and Infirm
  • A 14-Tube Receiver (technical)
  • Loud-Speakers and Their Characteristics
  • The Neutrodyne and its Position in Radio
  • Constructing the Shielded Hammarlund-Roberts Receiver (construction)
  • How to Build the "Pianorad" (construction)
  • An Infradyne Combination Set (construction)
  • An Improved "Bass Note" Circuit (construction)
  • Magnetic Fields in Vacuum Tubes
  • Short-Wave-Receiver Adjustment and Operation

In addition to these feature articles, the magazine included regular columns with titles such as What's New in Radio, Radio Wrinkles, and I Want To Know, later versions of which supplied some of the graphics for this website.

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