Radio News Magazine Jan. 1928

This January, 1928 magazine cover features Olga Steck, a performer for the WOR chain of broadcasters. Here's an excerpt from the cover article:

A clear trilling coloratura voice, that was once a regular feature on the air, is to return when the charming, talented Olga Steck will be a special feature in the Columbia Chain "Intimate Hour" early in January, according to Major J. Andrew White.

Miss Steck, who played the title role in China Rose and who has had a brilliant career as a prima donna in the Follies and many other Broadway successes, was one of the very first girls in radio. Back in January, 1922, when the radio was largely dominated by mere males, the extremely personable Miss Steck began her career, which was at that time sandwiched in between her Broadway engagements . . . . Although one other girl appeared before a microphone prior to Miss Steck's appearance, Miss Steck claims the distinction of being the first to establish for herself a real air following.

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