Radio News Magazine Jul. 1928

Why Not? asks an oldtimer in this comical 1928 magazine cover, as he lolls in the breeze from a fan installed in his oldtime radio speaker.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • Radio Concerts, by Hugo Gernsback
  • Sure, Them Was the Happy Days? (debunking old radio myths)
  • Radio Aids Marine Fighters (pictorial)
  • The Passing of the Third-Floor Quack (fiction)
  • Television—Practical Demonstrations Over WRNY
  • Vacuum Cameras Speed Up Television
  • How the Radio Public is Being Fooled (by false product claims)
  • Radio Aerials Create No Lightning Hazard
  • The Radio Beginner—A Cheap, Practical Receiver—The Crystal Set (construction)
  • A "Junk Box" Short-Wave Receiver (construction)
  • A Sturdy and Dependable "B" Power Unit (construction)
  • Improving Reception on a Thin Pocketbook
  • A Simple Remote Control Device
  • On The Short Waves (regular feature on shortwave listening topics)

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