Radio News Magazine Jan. 1929

Entitled A Broadcast Engineer's Christmas, this painterly, poetic cover casts a powerful mood. It shows a lone, youthful engineer perched on a snowy rooftop, repairing some wires. The torch in his hand provides the sole illumination, suggesting parallels with the Christmas Star. As snow falls quietly and the tower looms in the background, the engineer seems to gaze into the distance, perhaps thinking of family and friends.

This issue's contents include the following articles:

  • Mysteries of Radio, by Hugo Gernsback
  • Human Radio Reflectors, or Everyone His Own Antenna
  • Automatic Receiver "Listens" for SOS Signals
  • Radio Does Not Change the Weather
  • Television—The Latest Developments in the Field
  • High Frequencies for Color Television
  • New Television Systems (pictorial)
  • For the Beginner—the "Bloopless" One-Dial, Two-Tube Receiver (construction)
  • The "Lamp-Socket Five"—A Simple A.C. Set
  • New List of Broadcast Station Calls

During these days, readers could obtain complete blueprints and schematics for any construction project, free of charge, simply by mailing a request to the publisher.

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