Radio News Magazine May 1929

The May, 1929 issue of Radio News magazine featured plans and construction details for the "New York Times" shortwave receiver, a three-tube set used in Admiral Byrd's Antarctic expedition. Here is the article's first paragraph:

Ever since the inception of our regular transmission schedule on short waves with the Byrd Expedition in the Antarctic, we have received numerous requests from radio fans asking for the circuit diagram, constructional details and kindred information on the short-wave receiver used by us at the radio station of the New York Times. By means of this receiver we have been, and still are, at this writing, in nightly communication with the City of New York, (Byrd's steamship, which conveyed his party to the Antarctic), and quite often "take" from them press dispatches totalling 3,000 to 4,000 words per night. The publicity accorded this reception (an example of which was illustrated in the April issue of Radio News) shows the interest that the success of this work has aroused. It might seem rather unusual that the station which operates so consistently over this great distance should be located in the heart of New York City, amid its towering steel buildings; but this is the case, as the reader will remember from last month.

Years after buying this magazine, I picked up a copy of March 1934 Short Wave Craft, with an article describing shortwave communications with Byrd's second Antarctic expedition.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • Aviation and Radio
  • Giant Speaker of Four-Mile Range
  • Increasing Selectivity in a Receiver
  • How to Deal with Man-Made Static
  • Choosing Between Volume-Control Methods
  • A "Hartley" R.F. Broadcast Receiver (construction)
  • The Hammarlund-Roberts "Junior Hi-Q 29" (construction)
  • By-Pass Resistors for Series-Filament Operation
  • The "A.C. Screen-Grid DX-er" (construction)
  • More About Harmonics of Long-Wave Broadcast Stations
  • Wavemeter Hints for the Short-Wave Listener

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