Radio News Magazine, July, 1947

The caption for this cover photo reads:

Field day of Eastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association brings out Harrison Faulkner, WIBSY, Bill Dean, WIRQ, and Ray Morrison, WIKON. They have set up their rigs at the Winchester Country Club, one of the locations for Field Day activities.

An interesting article in this issue is titled, "A New 88-108mc FM Tuner," giving complete building instructions for a unit (complete with magic tuning eye) that you could use with any audio amplifier.

After World War II, the US government moved the FM band from its original 42-50 mhz position to the current 88-108 mhz position—a change that created a market for FM frequency converters as well as projects like this. More information about the "big band switch" is on my Philco 42-350 page.

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