Standard SR-H437 "Micronic Ruby" Transistor Radio (1965)


This jewel-like miniature transistor radio was made in 1965 and uses eight transistors. It measures only about two inches square! The second photo was made by placing the radio on a flatbed scanner. If you click the thumbnail image to display a larger view, you'll see an image that's very close to life size.

It's hard to believe that an eight-transistor radio could be packed inside such a small package. The satin-lined case reinforces the image of a fine piece of jewelry. It is covered with gray fabric and bears a large Standard emblem in the center of its lid.

Like other Micronic Ruby models, this one has a little carrying strap and a stainless chain with a round medallion at the end. The round power/volume and tuning controls are located on the right of the tiny cabinet. On the left side are openings for an earphone and an external antenna.

This set was powered by a pair of Eveready E640 mercury-oxide batteries. Those batteries were outlawed for environmental reasons (mercury is a persistent poison), but you can get modern equivalents from suppliers such as 24 Hour Batteries.

Standard made a few different Micronic Ruby models in the 1960s. They are all quite collectible, but this is the most attractive of the bunch, in my view. I believe it was also the last of the series.

Depending on which collector guide you look at, this model is valued at anywhere from $75 to $175. I paid $20, purchasing it from a fellow collector.

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