Silvertone Model 6012 Bakelite Radio (1947)

I picked up this radio in the late 1990s in my home town of New London, Minnesota. Despite its "well-loved" exterior, the radio's internals still plays beautifully

In the tuning pushbuttons at the top, you can see call letters for three stations I listened to while growing up: WCCO, WDGY, and KWLM. My mom played WCCO every morning while she bustled around readying things for us kids. WDGY is one of the stations I listened to in my room during high school, on a venerable Silvertone 4485 console that my mom called "The Boomer," because you could hear its robust bass tone all through the house.

Notice the arrangement of the numbers on the tuning dial. Most slide-rule type dials go from lower to higher, left to right, but this one has the bigger numbers to the left.

I have one other radio, a Philips BX135U, with that odd type of "backwards" dial. That radio was also portrayed, along with my website, in a feature movie. See Phil's Old Radios Stars in a Movie.

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