Silvertone Model 6050 Radio (1947)

I rescued this wooden tabletop set from the basement of a small-town Wisconsin shop during a summer vacation. As you can see, this guy hit a few speed bumps along the way. The grille cloth is torn, and (not visible in this photo) the entire speaker cone is entirely gone. I'm guessing that a mouse made its way in through the grille cloth and nibbled away every scrap of speaker paper.

The cabinet finish is dingy, but not scratched or gouged anywhere. The view you see here is pretty much as found. Only the dial cover and metalwork have been cleaned.

Inside is a conventional collection of tubes: 35L6GT, 12SQ7GT/G, 12SK7GT/G, 12SA7GT/G, 12SK7GT/G, and 35Z5GT/G. Perhaps I'll send the speaker out to be reconed, after I finish the rest. I'd rather not just stick in a replacement. The speaker has two transformers mounted on the top. One is the output transformer, and the other is the B choke, according to the schematic.

Although it's just a humble All-American Five set, I look forward to bringing this one back to life. The cabinet's an interesting mix of styles, with its traditional columnar fluting on the edges and the zoomy metal piece tying together the speaker grille and the dial. I have obtained a replacement grille cloth, but it was not installed when this photo was taken.

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