Sparton Model 325T Plastic Clock Radio (1950s)

My wife rescued this from a Salvation Army store and saved it for my birthday. It was a nice surprise. Sparton radios are not common to begin with, and Sparton clock radios are even less common. The deep green color is unusual, too. I have only a few other set of this color, such as the Cavalier or Sylvania 1201.

Gold bezels around the dials making a striking combination against the green. The greyish grill extends beyond the speaker area, forming a visual backdrop for the entire front, as well as the top.

The top seems to be recessed solely for visual interest. You might think the top grillpiece is there for extra ventilation, but it simply sits atop a solid cabinet "roof."

Silver plastic was used for the Sparton nameplate between the dials, and the materials in this set are fairly cheap, overall. Painted cardboard was used for the grey grillpieces as well as the removable back. But the set presents a handsome appearance, nevertheless.

Inside, you'll find a classic All American Five design (50C5, 12AV6, 12BA6, 12BE6, 35W4 tubes) with a Telechron clock movement.

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