Suntory Whiskey Transistor Radio (1970s)


I'm rarely interested in novelty radios, but this one has a movie connection of sorts. Plus, at $6, it was cheap!

If you saw the 2003 movie Lost in Translation, you'll remember the wonderful scene in which Bill Murray's character is making a Suntory whiskey commercial, and has to repeat this line again and again: "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time."

Measuring about five inches high, the little transistor radio is a replica of a Suntory whiskey bottle. It wasn't used in the movie, of course, but looking at always reminds me of that scene.

The red bottlecap serves as the power/volume control. The tuning dial peeks through a thin slot in the back of the bottle.

The bottle-shaped case simply snaps apart. Here is a view of the radio's internals.

The radio performs like new, and like most novelty radios, probably got little if any use.

I'm just guessing about the date of manufacture. If anyone can tell me more precisely when it was made, send me some email.

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