Zephyr Model AR-600 Transistor Radio (1961)

At the risk of repeating myself, let me just say that you can never be too thin or have too many pink radios! I picked up this little gem in Port Townsend, WA, in a sort of combination auto museum/antique store. It had been in the display case so long that it was literally coated with bug skeletons and egg cases. The asking price was $4.50, and for once I didn't even bargain.

Complete with leather case and original earphone, this radio plays like the day it left the factory. Plus, it looks really cool!

The top-mounted tuning dial looks neat, but is a little tricky to operate. The volume control thumbwheel and earphone jack are also top-mounted, to the right of the tuner.

This radio is pictured in the transistor book Made In Japan and it well deserves a place among beautifully styled shirtpocket sets. It's also mentioned in the Lane transistor collector's guide.

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