Zephyr Model 1 Midget Plastic Radio (aqua)

I listened to an aqua radio very like this when I was a teenager. This is about as cheap as they come! As I recall, I got that radio as a premium for selling newspaper subscriptions. Other available prizes included things like a camping flashlight, airplane model kit, or cheesy hunting knife.

I'm just guessing about the manufacturer, since the logo plate has fallen off. It's almost identical to my Zephyr Model 1, however.

Perhaps one company made the same cheap radio under a variety of names, or perhaps this is also a Zephyr. The case dimensions and tuning dial are identical. The only real difference is in the louvers that cover the front: vertical in this model and horizontal in the pink radio.

When my sons were young, I kept this "boy-size" radio on a bookshelf in their room.

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