Panasonic Model TR-1030P Handheld Television (1984)


This Panasonic model TR-1030P Travelvision is my third Travelvision. My Dad found it at a sale and gave it to me. I also own two slightly older models, a TR-1010P and TR-1020P.

Here are two photos of the TR-1030P from the side, showing how its magnifying hood can be removed.


This television receives the standard VHF and UHF analog channels. Although a later model than my other two Travelvisions, it does not include an AM/FM radio as they do. This TV-only set is more compact than the others, slipping more easily into a pocket and approximately the same size as my Sony Watchman.

This TV works perfectly. Like many handheld sets, I suspect that it was not used very often. It makes a sharp, bright picture, using one of the smallest picture tubes available at the time. These photos of my TR-1010P give you an idea what these TVs look like in action.


These photos show all three of my Travelvisions in a group. On the left is the TR-1010P. The TR-1020P (missing the magnifier hood) is on the middle, and the TR-1030P is on the right.


Since the demise of most analog TV broadcasts in the US, handheld TVs aren't very practical for everyday viewing. You can't plug in an external input, such as a DVD player, so just about the only solution is a home TV transmitter like the one in our house.

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