Would you like to buy my radio, Phil?

It's possible. I'm a collector, not a dealer, so I only buy radios that appeal to my personal interests. (In other words, I don't buy radios for resale or as investments.) But my interests are pretty broad, as you can see by perusing the Gallery.

If you have a set that you'd like to sell, send me some email and let's talk.

The more information you can provide, the more quickly I can tell whether I'm interested. (For example, a message that says "old wooden radio for sale" is not too helpful.) In your email to me, please include the following:

  • Manufacturer: for example, Zenith
  • Model number: for example, 7G605
  • Date of manufacture if known
  • Condition: mention significant defects, if any
  • Your asking price
  • Where you live (to estimate shipping charges to WA, zipcode 98072)

If you don't have all of that info, do the best you can.

For tips on finding the model number, etc., see my page How can I identify my radio?

Regarding condition and asking price, visit my pages What is my old radio's value? and How can I fix my old radio? to get a sense of what's important.

If you don't have a firm asking price, or you're not sure of the value, try to indicate some ballpark figure or range.

You don't need to include a photo with your email. Tell me what you have, and if I want a photo, I'll let you know.

There's no guarantee that I'll buy your radio, but you never know—and it takes only a few minutes to dash off some email. If we strike a deal, your set will appear in this WWW gallery eventually! If it doesn't work out, I can suggest some other avenues for you to try.

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