Saved by the Bell!

October 18, 1964

"Say, Paw, are you still interested in them old radios?"

"Agnes, I don't know what you call interested, but there must be close to a hundred old Atwater Kents and whatnot piled around my shop."

"Well, when Jennie drove me back from the Rexall, I spied a real shiny-lookin' radio settin' out on the curb at Cavanaugh's place. Looks like Maybelle was puttin' out more of Elmer's old stuff for the trash man."

"Shiny don't sound good, Mother. You know I like the wooden kind. Cathedrals or the old breadboards, or I could even go for a nice lowboy like Aunt Hattie's."

"I don't know, this one looked pretty sweet. All sorts of dials and knobs and you name it. Wasn't Elmer a radio man in the war? One of them what-do-you-call ham operators?"

"Some kind of radio man, but I'd be surprised if Maybelle throwed out anything worth real money. You know how tight things have been for her since Elmer passed."

"Sakes, Paw, what's the matter with you? I figured you'd be out of here like greased lightnin' before you'd let some old radio be hauled off to the dump."

"Maybe, you're right, Agnes. Could be worth a look."

"That's more like it. Clamber out of that easy chair and try something new!"

"Dag blast it anyhow!"

"Now what's the matter, Paw?"

"Would you look at that rain? Just started this minute! You know I hate to take the Packard out in a thunderstorm."

"Why, do you call that a thunderstorm? Hardly a sprinkle, I'd say."

"All right, I'm goin'. But don't blame me if I come home with some old piece of Navy junk."

"Well, if it's from the Navy you can fire it up and call Pearl Harbor. Now git a move on before the dray truck beats you to it. When you get back, I'll slice up some of this nice Sara Lee and you can tell me all about it."

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