Esquire Model 550U Bakelite Clock Radio (1952)

The all-Bakelite tuning dial on this radio is a little unusual. I'm not sure whether you'd call the grille pattern a basketweave or just something squarish. The actual grill openings are not easily visible in this photo. They make up a pattern of very small holes and slits between the rows of squares.

Like many radios of this type, this one provides a switched AC outlet at the back, so it could start your morning coffee or toast at a predetermined time. I plug a little lamp into the accessory outlet of the (Trav-ler Model 5170) in our bedroom to help convince us that it's time to get up. For safety, don't put too big a load on old switched outlets of this type.

The same cabinet, with different knobs, was used for the Hallicrafters Model 5R60. Radio twins!

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