Hallicrafters Model 5R60 Plastic Radio (1955)

Hallicrafters is best known as the legendary maker of shortwave and ham gear, but they also made a number of consumer radios and TVs over the years. This is a cute, albeit conventional, little five-tube set.

The cabinet is made of plastic, very dark maroon in color and slightly swirled. The dial pointer and tuning knob inset are brass and the lettering around the dial is incised. The squarish molded pattern on the speaker grille to the right is identical to the grille pattern on my Esquire Model 550U.

When I first saw this set, I did a doubletake, saying, "Wow, that grille's just like my Esquire." When I put the radios side by side, I could see it was more than a case of similar grilles. It is literally the same cabinet in both radios. The manufacturers simply supplied different knobs, and Esquire put a clock where Hallicrafters put its tuning dial.

Inside is a typical All American Five tube lineup: 12AV6, 12BA6, 12BE6, 35W4, and 50C5. This radio was also offered in an ivory plastic cabinet, as Model 5R61.

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