GE Model P-850D Keyring Transistor Radio (1964)

I also have the white leather case, which is in fine shape. The keyring was more novelty than practicality. This is really a smallish shirtpocket set, about the same size as my Honey Tone De-Luxe. If you loaded this radio with a bunch of keys, your pocket would really sag! But it's cute, nonetheless.

The January 1996 issue of Transistor Network magazine featured a full-page ad for this radio, showing Model P-8501 in black and chrome. Here is the ad copy:

Durable! Portable! Precision made! The gem of vest pocket portables. Packaged in jewelry box with carrying case, earphone and battery. Sturdy, longlasting case, die cast chrome grille. Vest pocket size. 6 quality transistors plus diode. Vernier precision tuning. Lightweight, only 10 ounces. Earphone jack.

The Standard Micronic Ruby is even smaller, much closer to a true keyring size.

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