Radio News Magazine, March, 1948

The caption for this cover photo reads:

Remote control of hi-power transmitter permits compact operating position for ham station. Rotary beam indicator, SX-43 receiver, wire recorder, HT-18 exciter (driving a BC-610E) and Panadaptor comprise this installation.

The SX-43 Hallicrafters shown in this picture was a top-of-the-line receiver in 1948. You can see the similar Model SX-42 in our gallery.

Above the receiver is a Hallicrafters Model HT-18 Exciter. Radio News was not bashful about featuring Hallicrafters and Sylvania products in its covers. Both companies were major advertisers, buying several full-page ads and the back cover in every issue during the postwar years.

An interesting article in this issue is entitled Television—Exclusively! It recounts the experience of an innovative dealer in Yonkers, NY, who opened a "salon" dedicated solely to selling and servicing television receivers. Among other things, the salon featured a "Teletheater" in which prospective customers could experience TV for themselves.

While the Teletheater sounds grand, and the store-window displays out on the street looked impressive, the actual experience may have been somewhat less thrilling. A photo of the Teletheater's interior shows a couple of TVs crowded into a small room with a bunch of folding chairs. And the dealer confessed that the chairs were often occupied by time-wasting teenagers, as well as customers with cash in their pockets.

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