Trav-ler Model 5180 (?) Tube Portable

I get a kick out of this funky little set, from the ivory plastic front panel to the gator-patterned leatherette case. As in many early portables, the cabinet is made of thin wood panels. The antenna is sandwiched between two thin panels that make up the top of the cabinet. If you peek inside, you'll see two antenna input wires disappearing into the cabinet's "ceiling."

I'm not sure about the model number. The radio bears no stickers or labels. Someone wrote 5180 in pencil inside the cabinet back, but another collector told me that he owns a model 5180 (with factory labels) that looks almost identical to my cube-shaped Model 5182 clock radio. Trav-ler made several tube portables with a profile similar to this. Perhaps some day I'll find out the right model number.

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