Zenith Model Y724 Bakelite Radio (1956)

Oh no! Not another one of these big honking asymmetrical Zenith AM/FM tabletops! Does this mean we have to suffer through more of Phil's inane comments about the floating open-faced dial overnoodling a seamless mozzarella-colored grill?

Calm down, I'll spare you. This one's a sibling to the Zenith H-723 in my collection. But it has a plastic rather than cloth grill. It looks like painted Bakelite to me, although I've seen it described as a plastic radio elsewhere. It also sports a carrying handle, but I'd call it a "luggable" at best. Another difference between this and model H723 is a side-mounted volume control. You can't see it in this pic, but trust me folks, it's there.

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