Philco Model 48-200-1 Bakelite Radio (1948)

The wraparound louvers on this ivory radio give it a simple, elegant look. Like most painted Bakelite sets, this one has a couple of scratches here and there. You can easily repaint them with a spray can of matching color from the auto parts store.

This radio has five loktal-type tubes: 35Z5GT, 14B6, 14A7, 7A81, and 50A5.

I have a few other radios similar to this one, such as the GE 50, the Motorola 51X11, or the Silvertone 6012. The color makes me think of them as "kitchen radios," although that title is probably best reserved for the Crosley Musical Chef. And, of course, the Guild Spice Chest was obviously designed to blend in with the kitchen decor.

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