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"Li'l 7" AM Broadcast Transmitter

Crystal Shortwave Radio

Battery Eliminator for Old Radios

S-Meter for Hallicrafters S-38

Magic Eye for Hallicrafters S-20R

Portable AM Transmitter

Making "AA5" Radios Safer to Use


Restoration Articles

1933 Colonial Globe 1936 Sparton Bluebird
1934 Philco 60 Cathedral 1947  Scott 800-B AM/FM/SW
1934 GE S-22-X Tombstone 1948 Farnsworth GT-051 "Bullet"
1937 Zenith 6-J-230 Tombstone 1950  Truetone "Boomerang"
1937 Philco 37-61 Tombstone 1950 Zenith G724 AM/FM
1939 Hallicrafters S-20R 1952 RCA Console Television
1940 Zenith 12-S-471 Console 1954 Hallicrafters SX-88
1941 Philco 41-221 Tabletop 1955 Zenith Tabletop Television
1941 GE L-740 Tabletop 1956 Guild "Country Belle"
1947 Admiral Radio/Phono 1948 Hammond Solovox
1947 Dominion Electrohome 1957 RCA Tabletop Television
1947 Crosley AM/FM/SW 1962 Fisher 800-B AM/FM
1947 Hallicrafters SX-42 1941 Hallicrafters SX-28
How to Replace Capacitors Ground-Up Radio Restoration
1947 Sparton Console 1947 Zenith TransOceanic
1956 Emerson Radio/TV 1948 Hallicrafters 505 TV
1948 Hallicrafters T-67 TV 1958 Philco Predicta TV
1948 Motorola VT-73 TV 1950 Grundig 940W Radio
1948 Scott Radio/TV/Phono 1981 Zenith TO R7000-2
1936 Midwest Radio Hallicrafters SX-28 Gearbox


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