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Restoration Articles

Here you can read how I restored the electronics and cabinets of many vintage radios and televisions. If you enjoy building projects, also check out our Building area.

RCA CT-100 Color Television

Zenith 12-A-58 Console Radio

DuMont RA-102 Clifton Television

Emerson 609 Projection Television

McIntosh MC240 Power Amplifier

McIntosh C22 Preamplifier

RCA CTC-7 Color Television

Admiral 24A12 Television

Capehart-Farnsworth 661-P Television

DuMont RA-103 Television/Radio

DuMont RA-113 Television/Radio

RCA 721TCS Television

Hallicrafters SX-28 Radio

Tesla 308U Talisman Radio

Fisher 800-B AM/FM Receiver

Midwest 18-36 Console Radio

Admiral 19A12 Television

Admiral 24C15 Television

Colonial 700 Globe Radio

Emerson Snow White Radio

Emerson 1232 Television/Radio

Farnsworth GT-051 Bullet

GE 810 Television

GE F-63 Tabletop Radio

GE L-740 Tabletop Radio

GE S-22X Tombstone Radio

Gibson Clavioline Instrument

Ground-Up Radio Restoration

Grundig 940W Radio

Guild Country Belle Radio

Hallicrafters S-20R Radio

Hallicrafters SX-28 Gearbox

Hallicrafters SX-42 Radio

Hallicrafters SX-88 Radio

Hallicrafters 505 Television

Hallicrafters T-67 Television

Hammond Solovox Instrument

Heathkit W-6M Hi-Fi Amplifier

Heathkit FM-3 FM Radio Tuner

Heathkit WA-P2 Hi-Fi Preamplifier

Hoffman 7M112 Television

JVC Video Capsule TV/Radio

Mitchell Lumitone Lamp Radio

Motorola VT-73 Television

National TV-7W Television

Philco 37-61 Tombstone Radio

Philco 41-221 Tabletop Radio

Philco 60 Cathedral Radio

Philco Predicta Console Television

Philco Predicta Tabletop Television

Philco "Miss America" Television

Philco 49-1240 Consolette Television

Pilot TV-37 Television

Radio Lamp Company of America

RCA 630TS Tabletop Television

RCA 8-PT-7012 Television

RCA 8-X-541 Radio

RCA 14-S-7070G Television

RCA 14-S-7070G Television II

RCA 21T227 Console Television

RCA CTC-4 Color Television

RCA CTC-11 Color Television

RCA CTC-11C Color Television

RCA CTC-11H Color Television

RCA T-100 Television

Scott 800B6 Radio/TV/Phono

Scott 800B6 AM/FM/SW Radio

Sharp 3LS36 Television

Sparton 162 Bluebird Radio

Sparton 1271 Console Radio

Stewart Warner 1865 Console Radio

Telefunken Jubilee Radio

Truetone D2017 Boomerang Radio

Wards SelectaVision Video Player

Zenith G724 AM/FM Radio

Zenith T1816R Television

Zenith 6-J-230 Tombstone Radio

Zenith 8G005Y TransOceanic Radio

Zenith 12-S-471 Console Radio

Zenith R7000-2 TransOceanic Radio

Zenith Neon Radio-TV Sign

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